Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ammo Search

Based on some ongoing research, I've decided to increase the stockpile of .22LR by about a factor of 10. Lucky me - the local Wal-Mart had yet to be picked clean today and I was able to pick up 400 rds of CCI Mini Mag 36 Gr HP at around $6.50/100 round box. Not really a bargain, but I didn't have to pay shipping.

So there is that.

These 400 rounds represented the entirety of the inventory available at this Wal-mart, so I didn't buy up the 10 or so boxes of Standard Velocity 40gr RN Winchester that were also in the (mostly empty) case.

I should have taken a pic, but the only other ammo they had was .22 short, .17, a solitary box of .45 ball, a solitary box of .44 Mag, and 5 or so boxes of .223 ball. This is actually an improvement over the last time I visited this store.

I pondered the .45 and .223, but it wasn't priced any kinder than the other stuff I've got stockpiled, and again, asides from food, seeds and .22 LR I need to calm down a bit with the firearms and ammo as I'll run out of expensive things to barter fairly quickly if I don't focus on the basics.

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