Friday, April 3, 2009

Since I'm for preparedness!

A great post from Kathy at Just In Case:
If you have some extra money, stocking up on shoes and boots might be good place to put it. I store shoes and boots in larger sizes for my kids and grandkids to grow into. Most of our footwear is manufactured overseas. If trade breaks down for while having extras will be a good thing.
My favorite online gear site, Botach has had boots on sale for weeks now. I've picked up 3 pair (wish I could afford more) at $25-50 a pop, spending the equivalent of 1 pair of waterproof Rockies retail. I've got 2 pair ordered for my wife at $25 each. One less thing to worry about.

Next up, kids shoes in sizes 9- adult. I'd love for someone to describe an effective method for storing all of this stuff. Certainly all of the shoe boxes will have to either go or be repurposed. I guess I could take out all of the paper stuffing and fill the empty space with socks.

I'll post what I come up with. If anything.

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  1. Hi Brian,

    I store the shoes and boots by size on a long, salvaged bookcase. You can't pack them away in anything airtight as they will begin to smell. I suppose you could pack new shoes with silica gel packs to keep the moisture down. I did not mention in my post that I sprinkle baking soda in used shoes and boots.