Friday, October 23, 2009

First pic from the destined-to-be-sucky A Team movie

I love it when a plan comes together. Sigh. First pic from the destined-to-be-sucky A Team movie:

Mini-14? Check.

BA's van? Check. Mohawk? Check.

Shoulder rigs? Check(?!?)

M4gery with tacticool optix? OK, check.

Cigar. Check.

Anyone care to ID the rest of the hardware? Bigger pic here.

SC survivalist's "arsenal" siezed. Local newspaper sighs relief.

The Columbia, SC State newspaper breathlessly reports this morning that a recently deceased Lexington County man, thought to be a "survivalist" has an arsenal that included...gasp...100 rounds of .223 and 4000 rounds of .22 LR and a pound of black powder!!

Explosives were inside the house and in storage buildings outside, said Lexington County sheriff's spokesman Maj. John Allard.

The deadly store included:

- Seven live hand grenades

- Two live German World War II-era hand grenades

- One live Japanese World War II-era hand grenade

- 40 hand grenade fuses

- 100 rounds of .223-caliber tracer rounds

- One pound of black rifle powder

- 4,000 rounds of .22-caliber ammunition

- Three kits that could be used to convert AR-15 assault rifles into fully automatic weapons

- 60 practice grenades that can't be detonated

Authorities also found various trip wires, two 4-pound bags of sulfur, two ammunition canisters and a thermos containing an unidentified chemical.

Now I will go as far as saying that having 7 or so live grenades around the house is not only illegal, but generally considered not a great idea. Especially if they're vintage WWII. Live. Grenades. It's odd that they focus more on the ammo than the "kits that could convert assault rifles into fully automatic weapons".

One of the commenters notes that the based on the "reporting" he had nothing to shoot any of the ammo with. My guess is that the nephew should start digging around the back yard looking for the really valuable stuff. Probably at least 3 EBRs and at least 1 .22 buried back there somewhere with some junk silver.

And come on "arsenal" ? - I've probably got 2000 rounds of .22 in the trunk of my car. GASP!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IPDA practice session with the CCSC

I finally got off my can and shot my G17 at an IDPA practice session that the Central Carolinas Shooting Club does every Tuesday at Sportsmans.

I am so hooked.

Really nice people. Excellent instruction. Capital "F" Fun.

I was a little flaky on the first CoF - this being my first time shooting with a timer. I could come up with 4 or 5 other excuses to go along with that one, but let's just say I did not score well. 3 targets at about 10 yards - 2 shots to the body and 2 to the head. 1 reload. My 2nd shots were almost all 1s or 3s and I missed several head shots. Boo.

I calmed down a bit, slowed down a bit, and started getting some zeros on the remaining Standard Exercises. Consistently. Even on the head shots. Go me!

My shiny moment was finishing a strong-hand/weak hand drill (3 targets - 10 yards - 2 shots strong hand - 1 shot weak per target) with zeros across the board.

Many of the Sportsmans and Aim Right team shooters demonstrated amazing speed and accuracy. I've got a lot to learn before I shoot a qualifier. Because oh yes, I will be shooting a qualifier. I gots me a hobby now.

I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the other shooters and had a great time. I've got to get another cover vest though - mine is a little tight across the back and there's no easy pocket to drop a magazine into after a Reload with Retention or Tactical Reload (Look at me with the lingo).


Friday, October 9, 2009

Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) is a sack of crap.

Florida Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson on the Republican Party: "They're not going to be winning the Nobel Peace Prize themselves anytime soon, they probably wish that there was a Nobel Prize for fear, a Nobel prize for hatred, a Nobel prize for racism, you know then they'd be in the running."

I don't consider myself much of a Republican anymore, but I do consider that Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) is a sack of crap.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cool 24 hours

Posting has obviously been light. Busy with work and not too much to say.

2 cool things in the mail in the last 24 hours:

How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times


Now I can carry in Georgia, Alabama, and West-By-God too. Amongst others

Friday, October 2, 2009

Elaborate multi-camera rig elegantly captures giant redwood tree

Michael Nichols, a National Geographic photographer, rigged up a ridiculous camera setup that was strategically lowered from the top of a 300-foot tree to the ground in order to get an astoundingly tall (and downright breathtaking) shot.

from Endgadget

Affordable quality knife. American Made!

Mulliga at Shangrila Towers reviews the Kershaw Skyline. $40 at Wal-mart.

Illegal immigrant planned to kidnap little girl for ransom.

Illegal immigrant, 25 and estranged wife plot to kidnap a little girl (or little girls) for ransom after he saw them while he was painting their house in Cornelius, NC.

Parents originally called police in early September, saying a man was at the bus stop in Cornelius early one morning, said Maj. David King with the Cornelius Department. The parents provided a description of the car, but it left before police could get there.

On Sept. 22, they got another call from parents. This one said the man taking pictures was back, and this time they had a license number.

I think that probably covers roughly half of my paranoia as a father and an American. Good grief.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great quote of the day from Alan Gura via Joe Huffman

Joe Huffman quotes Alan Gura:
The freedoms we enjoy as Americans are secured to us against violation by all levels of government. State and local politicians should be on notice: the Second Amendment is a normal part of the Bill of Rights, and it is coming to your town.
Man oh man is that made of Win.