Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clean shoot.

Columbia, SC lawyer and CCW permit holder who shot an armed robber at an AA meeting will not be charged as the shooting is ruled justified.

On April 11, (he) shot and killed Kayson Helms, 18, of Edison, N.J., not only to protect himself, but also to protect others on whom Helms had pulled a .25-caliber pistol, (5th Circuit Solicitor Barney) Giese said.

Helms entered the club, called the ACOA Club, with his gun drawn. When (he) rose from sitting on a couch, drew his gun from a back pocket and fired, Helms had already taken a cell phone at gunpoint from one AA member, so it was an actual — not attempted — armed robbery, Giese said.

If the Columbia PD doesn't return his pistol to him, I think Kel-tec should consider sending him a replacement P-32.
“I’m not looking for a situation to shoot somebody; I don’t want to be the one getting shot.”
Oddly enough, no mention is made of whether or not the robber purchased his .25 legally.


  1. Given that Helms was 18, and from New Jersey, I'd say there is ZERO percent chance he aquired that gun legally.

  2. Indeed. I was attempting to ladle on some sarcasm there at the end.