Friday, October 23, 2009

SC survivalist's "arsenal" siezed. Local newspaper sighs relief.

The Columbia, SC State newspaper breathlessly reports this morning that a recently deceased Lexington County man, thought to be a "survivalist" has an arsenal that included...gasp...100 rounds of .223 and 4000 rounds of .22 LR and a pound of black powder!!

Explosives were inside the house and in storage buildings outside, said Lexington County sheriff's spokesman Maj. John Allard.

The deadly store included:

- Seven live hand grenades

- Two live German World War II-era hand grenades

- One live Japanese World War II-era hand grenade

- 40 hand grenade fuses

- 100 rounds of .223-caliber tracer rounds

- One pound of black rifle powder

- 4,000 rounds of .22-caliber ammunition

- Three kits that could be used to convert AR-15 assault rifles into fully automatic weapons

- 60 practice grenades that can't be detonated

Authorities also found various trip wires, two 4-pound bags of sulfur, two ammunition canisters and a thermos containing an unidentified chemical.

Now I will go as far as saying that having 7 or so live grenades around the house is not only illegal, but generally considered not a great idea. Especially if they're vintage WWII. Live. Grenades. It's odd that they focus more on the ammo than the "kits that could convert assault rifles into fully automatic weapons".

One of the commenters notes that the based on the "reporting" he had nothing to shoot any of the ammo with. My guess is that the nephew should start digging around the back yard looking for the really valuable stuff. Probably at least 3 EBRs and at least 1 .22 buried back there somewhere with some junk silver.

And come on "arsenal" ? - I've probably got 2000 rounds of .22 in the trunk of my car. GASP!


  1. *looks in the closet*

    Yeah... I am just not even going to put a number to it...

  2. I've got to have at least 15K in my closet.

    I can only imagine what the local media would think of that.

  3. Well, the media guys obviously don't know that .22 is commonly sold in 500 round bricks, hell I also have a couple thousand rounds lying around the gun room. As far as the hand grenades, hmm, I'll leave my opinion open for now but I agree that live grenades are a bit much....