Friday, July 24, 2009

Snubby ammo choice

James @ has a great post about snubby ammo selection

I carry a S&W 642 as my CCW. I spend a lot of time in busy, populated places so I load it with 5 of the overpriced Blue Tip Glaser Safety Slugs (not +p). I've got a couple of Bianchi speed strips with Remington Golden Saber 125 grain +P JHP on and/or around my person for reloads.

I have not shot the requisite 100+ rounds of the Glasers, as I could easily purchase another pistol for what that would cost me. Doom on me. I am working my way towards 150 of the aforementioned 125 gr +P JHP, but they kick like the proverbial whipped mule and aren't any bargain to take to the range either.

The Glasers don't get a lot of positive comments on boards. Not at all. I am going to risk a smack-down over on Hellinahandbasket and ask the smart guys what they think about them.

Update: the more I read the more likely that there will be some Glasers for sale on GB soon.

Update 2: My question to James got a whole post as a reply. With polar bear pic goodness.

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