Monday, August 24, 2009

All 3 of you might be wondering where I am...

Blogging and tweetage to be lighter than the normal very light as I am on vacation. I'm 3 days in and haven't even opened my Google Reader to see what's been happening with all of my (gradually reciprocated) blogroll. I'll probably have to pull a "mark all as read" and just catch up piecemeal as sorting through 1000+ posts has little appeal to me right now.

For the record, I am vacationing in a state that has CCW reciprocity with my homestate of South Cacalacky.

Maybe I can make a little dent in it tonight. Shouldn't take but another 30 minutes...right?

Maybe I'll just read Tam.

And Snowflakes and Uncle.

And Borepatch and Tbolt and Robb and this is why I haven't made it into the lobby until tonight.


An hour and 1 cocktail later...

And Breda and Kevin and Marko and Joe Huffman

and who am I kidding - I normally cannot go a night without reading , Rawles (or JWR, if you prefer not to use the , )

and last but certainly not least James.

oh yeah one more: Steve

Done. Going to go to bed now. Last thought - isn't it a bit odd to refer to these nice people by their first names when I have never met them? Probably.


  1. That's a pretty rarified crowd you've got me running with, there. Thanks!