Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally got to the range yesterday

For the record: the pretty stag grips on the S&W M63 that I got off of gunbroker are going back in the box.

Dumbass here forgot to swap the "fancies" out for the factory grips before heading to the range for the first time in weeks and the results were not surprising in the slightest. It was hard to work the kung-fu grip on the tiny little things.

I had a great time blowing through my box o' cheap Federal .22LR and once I warmed up and switched to the higher-end Winchester stuff I managed some decent groups.

I need to make some money so I can spring for a trigger job and some nice chunky grips.

Total price for 30 minutes at the range: $12 (+ maybe $5 worth of ammo). I can barely take my other pistols out of the bag for $17. Win.

UPDATED: these are OTW - old set of Pachmayr grips for a square butt K frame for a whopping $14. I hope the factory grip screw works as one is not included with these. Got to dig that green shag carpet though.

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