Friday, August 7, 2009

Iowahawk: Know Your Town Hall Mob Agitators!

Iowahawk has a guide for identifying Town Hall Astroturf Agitators. Hysterical.

Remain strong, citizen, for the day of their comeuppance is near! Patriotic spontaneous volunteers from, Organizing For America, HCAN, SEIU, AFSCME, ACORN, NPR, and MSNBC have all pledged independent grassroots efforts to spread the word about the health-hating tricksters and their transparent astroturf agitation campaign!

In local news, U.S. Congressman John Spratt (D-SC 5th) - a CapNTrader - is surprising precisely ZERO of his constituents by not planning to hold any Town Hall meetings to discuss ObamaCare (another link here). Which is a pity as I'd love to go see some of the people that keep electing him, as I've never met anyone who voted for him.

Of course, I mostly hang out in gun shops.

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