Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9mm ammo search

Local shops have marked up their range and carry ammo to the point that buying online in bulk has become not just smart but necessary. 

But even in bulk, .45 and .40 S&W ammo is priced several notches higher than 9mm Luger.

So I bought a G17 to have something somewhat more affordable to shoot recreationally (and someday perhaps competitively), my first ammo purchase was a case of Federal 115gr ball. This is more than decent ammo that has reloadable brass and at the equivalent of $12.50 a box is far cheaper than a box of Wolf at the range. 

So I am so busy patting myself on the back by finding a relative (these days) bargain that I forget that since the G17 is in my Bug Out Bag, it might make sense to have something other than ball in all of those extra magazines that I have stashed all over the place.

So I go to Cabela's, Cheaper Than Dirt, and Sportsman's Guide (who, by the way have a decent deal on Remington Golden Saber in several calibers).

To make a long story longer - I ended up back at Gunbroker and I bought 100 rds of Federal Premium LE Tactical 9mm 124 Hydra-Shok ammunition as I already scrounged one ancient box of Hydra-Shok from the cache. 

Good call? 

Who knows. It's a royal pain finding reasonably priced ammo. Even in bulk

No more ammo for me for awhile (unless I run across an unpillaged rural Wal-mart). Must buy more food.

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