Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Shoot (Shotgun)

I am looking for a shotgun.

I've been filling in the empty spaces in the cache when finances and opportunity meet in the dark alley behind the convenience store that is my life. 

My shotgun options currently include the recently inherited:
- vintage 28" 12 gauge double - Sears & Roebuck
- antique .410 single shot
- pretty but not ammo-friendly 28" 16 gauge pump

I like the double as it is remarkably simple, and with proper care should be in the family generations from now. However the 28" barrels are not particularly conducive to popping around the corner to surprise unwanted guests. As it has some sentimental value, I don't see much sense in hacking it down to the shortest legal length. There is also the whole "2 shots and reload" thing.

The .410 is of the same vintage as the double and also should be fine for the types of shooting that it was originally manufactured for.

The 16 gauge pump is a curious piece as I must admit that I until I flipped it over and looked at the stamp, I had only heard of .410, 20, 12 and 10 gauge. A cursory search for shells leads me to believe that this is primarily a bird gun. Great. Back in the case with you.

Years and years ago I bought a Mossberg 500 combo at Service Merchandise (remember them?). The "combo" included an 18.5" barrel and a pistol grip that I now recognize is kind of useless. Remembering the enthusiasm that I had for the pistol grip makes me very glad that there was no Airsoft back then as I can say with no small amount of sadness that I would probably be a mall ninja type if I had the finances and gear available. What a goober.

The 500 was solid, and after a trip to the range with the pistol grip (and a little advice from the rangemaster), the factory buttstock went back on. The pistol grip was banished to the box-o'-gunstuff and the shotgun itself took up residence underneath my mattress until it was ultimately sold to finance a Para-ordinance P13. 

I wish I had kept both of them.

I think I might have answered my own question. I need to find a Mossberg 500 combo. 
  • Long barrel and magazine plug for hunting
  • shorter barrel for the house
  • pistol grip to sell on gunbroker for $.50
A quick Gunbroker search shoes I can get what I am looking for for $360 plus shipping. Plus what the FFL transfer will run. 

Not much of a bargain, is it?

Looks like Mossberg still makes these new, so maybe I can get my guy at the shop to order me one and not have to sell something else to be able to get it. We'll see.

So I'll leave you with this...

Now for lyrics:

"Don't Shoot Shotgun"

Run for cover
(Run for cover)
Don't shoot! - Shoot!
She's so dangerous
(Don't shoot shotgun!)

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right
Fallin' head over heals at the speed of light
Hey little miss heaven on earth
Whoa, won't you walk this way but I see a red alert
Oh, my senses say keep away
So don't shoot!

Don't shoot shotgun
Dream on nightmare
Touch 'n' go
Dove turned destroyer, she cut you up, she's a slave of love

Run for cover, she's so dangerous
Undercover, she's so shameless

Don't shoot shotgun
You got me bitin' my lip
Don't shoot shotgun!
Ya shootin' straight from the hip

So don't shoot shotgun
Shoot me, baby!

Hit 'n' miss, flesh and blood
She's sweet and indiscreet, she can't get enough
A little midnight madness
Oh baby, you can't hide
So wild 'n' unpredictable
Step aside
'Cos you're, you're shooting wide

Run for cover, she's so dangerous
Undercover, she's so shameless

[Repeat Chorus]

Shake it, shake it!
Ah, take this, little hit 'n' miss

[guitar solo]

[Repeat Chorus]

Don't shoot it!
Don't shoot shotgun!
Shake it, shake it!
Aw, take this little hit 'n' miss
(Don't shoot shotgun!)
Oh shoot it!
Don't shoot it!
Uh, Oh shotgun!
Shoot me, baby!
Let it blow!

This song was new when I paid $175 for a Mossberg 500 combo at Service Merchandise. Ouch.

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