Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kung Fu Grip

from the New Jovian Thunderbolt earlier this month:

I'd heard of Todd Jarrett before (back before you could watch video on teh intarnets), but never tried the Kung Fu grip.

No pix from the range today, but it works. Really well.

I recently started shooting regularly again after a long hiatus. The results have been less than stellar. I could keep 10 rounds in the 8 ring at 25 feet (impressive, I know), but they were all over the place. I've blamed my eyes, the new G17, my stance, the temperature at the range, and my state of mind. It didn't occur to me until I ran across this post the other week that I might need to try a different grip instead.

After a bit of practice with the grip, and a few adjustments, I was managing tight groups up close and keeping things in the 9 ring downrange. Not bad for a days work.

I will now obsessively watch every single video of Todd Jarrett instructing that I can find. Para just moved their factory to my neck of the woods, so I can hope he will make a local appearance and I can creep him out by telling him how many thousands of times I've watched his video.

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