Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Anyone who complains about the lack of regulation concerning firearms is a bleeding idiot"


"...if you ever have interactions with police officers involving charges brought against you, it is highly inadviseable to make any sort of public statement about them until they have been resolved.

In other news, anyone who complains about the lack of regulation concerning firearms is a bleeding idiot."


  1. Good post! I spent a while reading all the links involed. People do need to use caution when selling their guns regaurdless of accessories. I'm not a professional as far as the laws are conserned and these kind of posts are helpful! Not that I would try doing what he did. Ignorance is NO excuse.

  2. Thanks for the linkage, Brian! It amazes me that people can continue to claim that firearms are not adequately regulated when the maze of laws and legislation we have to navigate is positively mind-boggling...

  3. I agree Kevin - and ignorance doesn't cut the mustard with Alphonse J. Federale either, apparently. When in doubt, ask a lot of questions! Something as simple as a flash-hider improperly installed can get you in a lot of trouble. Thanks for reading through and commenting.

    You're welcome Linoge. Tomorrow I'm adding a tag "Yet Another Link to Linoge". The next time one of my nutty liberal friends starts whining about not enough laws "to protect people from guns" I'll remind them that having a couple of pieces of foam padding cut a particular way, and a couple of pieces of harmless plastic and metal can all but guarantee some jailtime.