Friday, September 18, 2009


I successfully made it through the entire auction for this Para CCW LDA .45 without bidding or buying now. Whew.

It seems like a good deal though at $649, and I am waiting to hear back from the seller if there is a box and extra magazine included.

I'd really like to get a full size LDA instead, as I don't plan on using this as a carry gun - more of an experiment to see if I like the trigger pull or not. Cosmetics aren't a big deal to me normally, but I suppose I should at least pay attention to the looks if I there is a chance that it may not remain in the cache for very long.

Meh. I really should be looking at more budget appropriate hardware after my Crimson Trace spree last month.

Maybe I should review what I've already got instead.

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  1. I do not care for the LDA trigger. I have a Para 1911 that I shoot in single stack in USPSA, but it is the more standard configuration. If you are trying to avoid buying one, you should not look at the CDNN website:

    And you absolutely should not click on the bottom link on the left requesting their email specials. Because if you do, you will get a mailing every month with a list of guns for sale, including a lot of PARAs at prices that will be very difficult to resist.

    Ask me how I ended up with a new PARA 1911...