Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Even more Gary Busey

"The Thinking Man's Nick Nolte". Or is Nick Nolte the thinking man's Gary Busey?

from FilmDrunk (Never Safe For Work or the easily offended)

The Gary Busy Facts

Jacktion!: Gary Busey goes commando when he rides a horse, and wears jockey shorts when he goes to war.

Crapbasket: Gary Busey chops down cherry trees just so he can lie about it.

Michelle07: Gary Busey makes guitar fingers whenever he talks about the Wild Fire.

Jacktion!: Gary Busey’s favorite food is macaroni necklaces and cheese.

Michelle07: Gary Busey sends emails on an electric typewriter. They all say, “Yahtzee!”

Crapbasket: Gary Busey thinks the Navy Seals are what keep water out of submarines.

Donkey Hodey: Gary Busey’s Easy-Bake oven has a self-destruct button.

Påüłÿ Ðąηgęrσűşľγ: Gary Busey throws glass houses at rocks.

Donkey Hodey: When Gary Busey hears a voice played back through an answering machine, he always says “Do I realy sound like that?”, even if it’s not him talking.

Jacktion!: Gary Busey convinced Huey Lewis not to call his band The Jews.

Crapbasket: Gary Busey’s baby ate a dingo.

Crapbasket: Gary Busey’s ringtone is him doing the entirety of Pink Floyd’s The Wall on the kazoo.

Moose: Gary Busey’s motto is: “Never put off today what you’ve already done tomorrow”.

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