Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is what we have to deal with

Here's my email to Bob Behanian at WMBF who wrote this a couple of weeks ago. (Hey-I've been on vacation alright?)

Mr. Behanian - I write in reference to your article "Criminals travel to SC to buy guns" -

This is a particularly good example of bad reporting. Did you actually air this?

I ask because the only number you site is "5th" from the Brady campaign report from last month. Who are all of these "Criminals (who) travel to SC to buy guns". Do you have a specific example of any criminal purchasing a firearm (any firearm) legally in SC and then committing a crime? Are you aware that criminals also purchase knives and baseball bats and may use those to commit crimes in SC too?

If you're going to just use generalizations, why not say something like "Criminals commit crimes with weapons from a variety of sources" which is nearly as lame as the teaser-friendly "Guns are falling into the hands of those who shouldn't have them."

Who are the "some" who "argue South Carolina's laws aren't strict enough"? The Brady Campaign? You can do better than this.

Thank you.

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