Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nebraska has reciprocity with North Carolina too

Just in from the GRNC: NE CCW reciprocity with NC.

GRNC Update 09-03-09:
NC Permit Now Good in Nebraska


On August 31, 2009 Attorney General Jon Bruning of Nebraska issued a memorandum to Colonel Bryan Tuma of the Nebraska State Patrol, informing him that they had completed their review of the fifty states and the District of Columbia and included a list of the states with which Nebraska had reached concealed handgun reciprocity agreements with. North Carolina is now among that number.

The benefits of the concealed handgun reciprocity law engineered by GRNC which passed into law in 2003 continue to accrue even now. The work done by fine members of the General Assembly such as Rep. MARK HILTON who was the primary sponsor and those of you who didn't let their representatives of your support goes rewarded.


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